UNESCO and ECSR mobilize for peacebuilding in Africa

As part of a cooperation agreement, the CEDS (Center for Diplomatic and Strategic Studies) and the UNESCO Africa Department organized a conference on “Diplomacy, Economy and Culture for Peace in Europe. Africa “, July 2, 2018 at UNESCO in Paris.

The opening session set the tone of the symposium with the opening speeches of His Exc. Ms. Zohour Alaoui, President of the 39th session of the General Conference of UNESCO, Mr. Pascal Chaigneau, Director of the HEC Center for Geopolitics and Dean of the ECSR, and Mr. Firmin Edouard Matoko, Assistant Director General of the Africa Department of UNESCO Who have all emphasized the importance of promoting a culture of peace as an essential element of Africa’s development.

“UNESCO is aware that women, civil society and young people are more than ever actors of change and vectors of peace. That is why we support the creation of specialized pan-African networks that act daily to promote the culture of peace.” Mr. Matoko.

The conference provided a dynamic engagement and exchange between participants and stakeholders, including H. Exc. Mr. Ahmed Sayyad, Ambassador, Permanent Delegate of Yemen to UNESCO and HE Most. Mr Diekumpuna Sita N’Sadisi José, Ambassador, Permanent Delegate of Angola to UNESCO. The debates took place around three main themes: “diplomacy, state intervention and peace in Africa”, “the promotion of the culture of peace in Africa” ​​and “the economy of peace”.

This event brought together about 400 people including diplomats, permanent delegates from African and non-African Member States to UNESCO, intellectuals and researchers, politicians, students, journalists, members of civil society and representatives of international organizations, such as UNESCO and UNDP.

The colloquium benefited from the intellectual input of the ECSR faculty and the multidisciplinary expertise of UNESCO. He also benefited from the expertise of the Network of Research Institutions and Foundations for Promoting a Culture of Peace in Africa.

This event is part of UNESCO’s Operational Strategy for Africa’s Global Priority and the mandate of the ECSR to update and deepen the knowledge of international civil servants, military attaches and diplomats diplomacy.

Program of the event.

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