200 Women Leaders of the Department of Gagnoa Trained in the Culture of Peace, Civism and Non-Violence

On Wednesday, July 22, 2020, 200 women leaders from the department of Gagnoa benefited from a training workshop on the culture of peace, civic-mindedness and non-violence during elections.

This training, provided by two experts from the Houphouët-Boigny Foundation for Peace Research (FHB Foundation), aimed to build the capacity of leaders of women’s associations for the promotion of peace through the respect of civic values and non-violence.

After the opening ceremony which recorded the participation of eminent personalities and administrative authorities of the said department, the trainers of the Houphouët-Boigny Foundation, solicited by the NGO Groupe de Contact, Paix et Développement en Afrique, chaired by the Minister Louis-André DACOURY TABLEY, brought their expertise through two presentations.

The first one on the theme: “civism and commitment: what contribution from women? “was led by Mr. Lucien TIE BI. This presentation first allowed the participants to better understand the concept of civism, the reasons for the implosion of incivism and the consequences related to the non-respect of civic principles. Then perspectives were indicated for the participation of women in peace building.

The second presentation was on the theme: “the culture of peace and non-violence” and was developed by Mr. Jérôme Kouakou YA. During his intervention, a particular accent was put on tolerance which is a cardinal value of peace. He also invited women to have an optimistic vision in their relationships with others, in order to value peaceful cohabitation in diversity.

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