Teacher-trainers trained in public spirit and the promotion of a peaceful school environment

The Peace Research Department of the FHB Foundation organised a seminar for teacher-supervisors, educators, club leaders and associations from the Regional Directorate of National Education, Technical Education and Vocational Training (DRENETFP) in Yamoussoukro. This seminar had as its theme: “Civicism, citizenship and learning to live together in a peaceful school environment” and took place on April 9 and 10 at the headquarters of our institution.

Some 50 people took part in this training, which aims to promote citizenship and the culture of peace in schools. The seminar is also part of the implementation of the theme for the 2018-2019 school year: “Civics and the commitment of all for a quality school”. The aim was to provide supervisory staff and education and guidance inspectors with social and civic knowledge, values and skills to enable them to create an alternative living and working environment in order to improve the school climate. The Director of the Peace Research Department of the FHB Foundation, Dr. Diénéba DOUMBIA, in her paper on “Good conduct in schools”, recommended a new representation of young people in our society. She said that if the school continues to operate against a backdrop of violence, it will perpetuate the culture of violence throughout society, in families, neighbourhoods, workplaces, vulnerable groups (women and children) and in the political sphere. “To make the transition from a culture of violence to a culture of peace, it is important to combat all the vices of the current educational system, to encourage critical thinking, to give a positive and human image of the human being, to promote the attitude of non-violence and the search for non-violent solutions to problems,” she advised. She added that building a culture of peace means making children and adults understand and respect the values of the culture of peace such as democracy, respect for the law, respect for human rights, tolerance, non-violence, solidarity and environmental protection.

The seminar ended with the awarding of participation diplomas to teacher-supervisors.

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